Reflection: High Expectations Choosing Reliable Research Sources - Section 2: Choosing Reliable Sources


I would like to think that students choose poor sources simply because they don't know any better (hence this lesson to solve the problem); however, I do suspect that poor sources are often a result of lazy research: enter search term, select first website, use, and move on. On the bright side, by requiring students to assess their sources for credibility, I am solving the lazy research problem, too (or at least docking them for their laziness).

  Lazy Research
  High Expectations: Lazy Research
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Choosing Reliable Research Sources

Unit 8: Research Writing
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify reliable sources by analyzing source author, purpose, and content.

Big Idea: Do you trust a 6th grade research project? Choose the right sources for your research.

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