Reflection: Complex Tasks Ten in the Pen-Joining Groups in a Ten Frame - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


This was a very challenging lesson.  What amazed me was how many of my students figured out the pattern of combinations to make ten.  This "enlightenment" did not happen just because of this lesson.  This happened because of learning that has been taking place all year in my classroom.

Identifying, completing and extending patterns is not a Common Core Standard for kindergarten, but it is definitely reflected in Mathematical Practice 7L Look for and make use of structure.  All year long, we have been working with patterns in the classroom.  It has been given to the students in little drops that have filled their buckets.  They catch quickly to any patterns that they see.  Many of the student commented that as one number got smaller by one, the other number increased by one.  Wow!

The students are also pros at counting backwards.  Again, this is not a standard but it is a critical skill in math.  The students quickly picked up on that pattern when completing their work  and it helped them to be successful in completing this independent practice section of the lesson.

  In the Pen-Joining Groups in a Ten Frame
  Complex Tasks: In the Pen-Joining Groups in a Ten Frame
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Ten in the Pen-Joining Groups in a Ten Frame

Unit 8: Introduction to Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 4 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to join two parts to make a ten using a ten frame.

Big Idea: Students will have fun on the farm with this lesson that guides students to find different ways to make ten.

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