Reflection: Constructed Response Assessment on The Horned Toad Prince - Section 3: Assessment


Relative to the questions on the assessment about what to remember when citing evidence, many scholars were effective in remembering things we had discussed like saying page numbers, re-reading, telling details and examples, using context clues, using text features, and summarizing the text.

  Citing Evidence
  Citing Evidence
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Constructed Response Assessment on The Horned Toad Prince

Unit 3: This Land is Our Land
Lesson 12 of 17

Objective: SWBAT construct written responses to text-based questions about The Horned Toad Prince.

Big Idea: Students will construct written responses to writing prompts about The Horned Toad Prince.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), constructed response, assessment, The Horned Toad Prince by Jackie Mims Hopkins
  60 minutes
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