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For this lesson it is very important to be aware that some of your students may not be ready to work on medial sounds yet - especially vowel sounds. Despite this knowledge I do like to include all of the students when we are doing the whole group activity on the rug after reading the story. The reason I include the students in this activity is because I want them to see how the other students work. They may also begin to understand the concept of the medial vowel sounds and it gives them a goal to work towards. 

Some of my students may still be struggling with beginning sounds and so I have those students work on finding items with the same beginning sound as the word map. Other students may be proficient with beginning sounds but need practice with ending sounds. In this case I have them find items ending with /p/. If you look closely the images on the image sheet work for all of the lessons. In this way the students all feel the same in that they are using the same images, it is just that some students may be looking at the images for different sounds.  

  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiation
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/a/ as in Map

Unit 9: Maps
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Objective: Students will be able to associate the short sounds with common spellings (graphemes) for the five major vowels.

Big Idea: Finding items with the same short a vowel sound reinforces the students’ phonetic skills.

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