Reflection: Classroom Setup What Happened Here?! Inferencing a Crime Scene - Section 2: Application at the Crime Scene


The crime scene is set up in one of our current empty classrooms, but if there is none available, many other spaces will suffice.  Years ago, I needed a large space to set up an activity, and used the cafeteria after the last lunch left.  Many schools have gymnasiums, etc.  Another option is to use a space in the office (meeting room, lesser used hallway, even an actual work space if the secretary or principal is up for it.)  It's a fun activity, so extra touches or extra people can make it all the better.

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What Happened Here?! Inferencing a Crime Scene

Unit 11: Inference Fiesta
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: TSWBAT make inferences and draw conclusions after viewing an obvious crime scene.

Big Idea: Clue into a situation by making inferences.

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