Reflection: Joy Let's Face It: How Plane Shapes Compose 3D Shapes - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


At the close of this lesson, a student said, "I just love math!".  This was not a comment I heard often before I moved to the Common Core Standards in my classroom.  By using the Common Core to guide my instruction, I have been able to be more creative in the construction of lessons.  Students are much more engaged in their learning because the lessons are hands-on and inviting.  EVERY student was on task during this lesson.  The magnetic blocks hooked them and the playdough kept them engaged.  There was an excitement that was never present as we pushed our way through the workbook pages.

Yes, the students enjoyed the lesson, but the learning that happened was amazing as well.  You can hear the tone of "discovery" in their voices and see it on their faces as they pressed the shapes into the playdough.  They were make connections that could never be made looking at a piece of paper.  Their work on the independent practice confirmed that those connections were being made.

I know there are many critics of the Common Core.  I would love to invite some of these individuals into my classroom to witness lessons like this one.  The Common Core standards are the framework for amazing lessons that are planned by teachers, not written by someone sitting in a office who hasn't been in a classroom in years.  The Common Core allows for a wonderful sharing of lessons and techniques that was not possible before.  Even if a teacher is not creative, there are so many resources available via the Internet for free.  All one needs to do is search.

After this lesson, the playdough and shapes went into the math center and the magnetic blocks went back to the block center.  The students ask if I could find them patterns to make different 3D shapes with the blocks.  This lesson motivated the students to continue their learning in their free time.  That feels good!

  Let's Face it!!--How Plane Shapes Compose 3D Shapes
  Joy: Let's Face it!!--How Plane Shapes Compose 3D Shapes
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Let's Face It: How Plane Shapes Compose 3D Shapes

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to describe the plane shapes that compose 3D shapes.

Big Idea: The students have a strong understanding of plane shapes. Now they get to use this information to better understand 3D shapes in this hands-on activity.

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Math, Geometry, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area, shapes
  50 minutes
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