Reflection: Student Ownership Independent Reading Reflection Essay for Marking Period 3 - Section 3: Independent Practice: Writing Time


I am not a data person. I hate numbers and I hate analyzing them. Maybe that makes me a bad teacher but I am not hard-wired that way, at least that's the excuse. Since I'm not, I give students the responsibility to analyze their own data in order to make goals for the future. This lesson allows students to analyze different forms of data based on their independent reading. They can look at the amount of books they've read, the amount of pages they read, and the time they can read for in one sitting. They can use this in order to make individualized goals for next marking period. When they make individualized goals they tend to be more realistic with themselves and feel more comfortable in making them then the goals I would give them as a teacher.

  Students Using Their Own Data
  Student Ownership: Students Using Their Own Data
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Independent Reading Reflection Essay for Marking Period 3

Unit 10: Independent Reading
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT write about their independent reading focusing on difficulty of books, goals, and reading rate.

Big Idea: It's that time of the marking period! Working on creating a creating a reading reflection by setting goals for the future.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, independent reading, text complexity, booktalk
  63 minutes
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