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For this review activity, I debated adding more parameters for the students to follow.  I could have asked them to solve the last question for each topic, or chosen questions in the topic that were more rigorous than those that the students choose.  After much debate, I decided to leave it open ended.  The goal of the activity was for students to feel successful.  With the freedom to choose the questions they wanted, all students were able to receive positive feedback when they checked their work.  

As I circulated around the room, I asked students which scavenger hunt choices they decided to do and why.  From this math conference, I learned about the students' motivation, their self-efficacy about approaching problems, and their organization.  

At the end of the lesson, students gave me feedback that this was fun, and too short.  Next time, I will build in more time for this scavenger hunt.  Possibly taking time from each lesson, over the course of a week to allow students to chip away at this mission.

  Promoting Student Confidence/Success
  Positive Reinforcement: Promoting Student Confidence/Success
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Math Scavenger Hunt

Unit 5: Shapes & Their Attributes (Geometry)
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use knowledge gained throughout the year to solve various problems.

Big Idea: Students participate in a scavenger hunt. Earning points for different review activities.

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