Reflection: Intervention and Extension The Creature's Story - Section 3: Questions: The Creature


I think if I were to teach this lesson again, I might spend a little more time on different learning styles and the way learning shapes our experiences.  There was such rich discussion about learning and it died away once we started talking about the book.  

I might introduce students to Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences and have them determine what kind of learner the monster is, Frankenstein, the cottagers.  Then I would have them take a learning styles inventory. 

This lesson was okay, and it definitely had some engagement and discussion, but it could have been more.  Which is why I look forward to next year!

  Teaching the Monster/Creature
  Intervention and Extension: Teaching the Monster/Creature
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The Creature's Story

Unit 6: Frankenstein
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze the creature's character to determine motives

Big Idea: What literary devices does Shelley employ to develop the monster's character?

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