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It is very important to note when you are implementing this lesson in the classroom to make sure you do not leave your model/sample for the students to use. I made that mistake the first time I implemented this lesson and I found the students copied my symbols rather than creating their own symbols. 

The next time I implemented this lesson I used my sample to model what an end result might look like, but when it came for the students to go to the work station I put my sample away. By putting my sample away I found that the students became much more creative and came up with their own symbols to represent items in the classroom. For the most part students drew very realistic like symbols, but some of the students got caught onto the fact it was easier to come up with your own little simple illustrations to represent a classroom item. 

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Unlock that Map!

Unit 9: Maps
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to add visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide details.

Big Idea: Making a map key for the classroom helps students understand how a map key helps the map reader know where things are.

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