Reflection: Diverse Entry Points So Many Squares! Red & Blue Sort It Out - Section 2: Guided Practice


This lesson occurs so early in kindergarten that it is easy to forget that almost everything is "new" to the students!

I make the kiddos sit, empty-handed, to watch me demonstrate the activity, (with student help, of course), but I don't even let them sit at the tables, so they won't be tempted to start working too soon.

Enough time passes between the demonstration and the student practice, however, that I need to swoop in and have us all practice sliding off a tile and replacing with a square to glue.  It's good to do this practice together, but there are a few turkeys who still try to start gluing like crazy people.  (Gluing is so much fun, you know!)

We all slow down to remember that we must be precise as we glue paper squares to represent our square tiles.  Even early in the year, we can work on those key concepts, like attending to precision!  (Sure, it flies right over the heads of a good number of us so early in the year, but we will hear the term "precise" again and again!  And I bet there's 1, maybe 2 kiddos, who grasp the concept even this first time!)

The "slide together-glue together" in the middle of the lesson, is a great way to keep us all on track and to ensure that most of us have this concept of representing tiles with the paper squares.

  Getting the procedures set!
  Diverse Entry Points: Getting the procedures set!
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So Many Squares! Red & Blue Sort It Out

Unit 6: Sorting is Super!
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Objective: SWBAT sort squares by color into 2 sets or groups.

Big Idea: In kindergarten students describe their physical world using color and shape words. In this lesson students will notice the similarities and differences in the color of squares.

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