Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Lets Prepare for Literature Circles - Section 2: Read Aloud: "Iqbal" Model: Discussion Boxes


The story "Iqbal" is perfect for creating discourse and discussion. Kids are immediately engaged in the story. They are naturally asking questions and wondering about character's actions and thoughts. This to me is the perfect type of text to teach discussion questions. If students are wondering something, why not turn that into a discussion question. I point out the significance of completing these discussion boxes while reading, not after they've completed the reading. This allows for a more natural creation of discussion questions.

  Deciding on "Iqbal"
  Discourse and Questioning: Deciding on "Iqbal"
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Lets Prepare for Literature Circles

Unit 6: Multicultural Literature Circles
Lesson 4 of 17

Objective: SWBAT watch teacher model discussion boxes that will prepare students for their small group discussion, using a common text.

Big Idea: How can we arrive prepared to group discussions? Students will fill out discussion boxes that they will bring to their literature circle.

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