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The students are getting quite accustomed to these simple games that allow them to practice their adding.  As I walk around the room, I learn a great deal about where my students are at.  Many of the students can look at the dice and immediately know the number.  Several students count on from the larger number and some students must count all of the dots on the dice.

This activity comes with the differentiation built right in.  The students are give the support of the dots on the dice to count if needed.  I do have a student that even counting the dots does not support him with this activity.  It is a little boy who continues to struggle with one to one correspondence.  He gets very confused counting the dots on the dice.  He will tap on the same dot more than once.  This student needed some type of accommodation to allow him to be successful.  I ended up having this student use counters.  His partner will help him count the number of dots on each die and put that number of counters out.  He puts out yellow counters for one of the dice and red for the other.  He then places the counters in a row and counts them that way.  He still needs them to be in a straight line.

This little boy is still benefiting from this activity.  He is working to develop the skills he needs to be successful in math.  Many people believe differentiation can be a daunting task, but sometimes it is as easy as making a small change to an activity that will help a student grow.

  Cinco De Mayo Celebration
  Diverse Entry Points: Cinco De Mayo Celebration
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Cinco de Mayo! Practice with Addition Equations

Unit 8: Introduction to Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to write and solve addition equations.

Big Idea: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style with this fun lesson that includes a simple student story book and game.

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