Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Simplify Rational Number Expressions Using the Distributive Property - Section 1: Introduction


I was unable to be in class the day this lesson was to be taught.  It was taught by another teacher who is not that familiar with the math topic.  I knew the previous day that I would be out so we went through the entire lesson together so he would be more comfortable.

That being said, he noticed that students had a difficult time connecting to their prior knowledge.  We both have noticed that the students have very little difficulty solving similar problems when the numbers are all integers - especially positive integers.  However, many of my students still struggle with fraction operations so they get lost in the fraction work.

Based on this knowledge of my students abilities, I plan to write a similar set of problems that progress from positive whole numbers to fractions.  They also progress from common denominators to unlike denominators.  Hopefully students start to see that they are following the same procedures with different types of rational numbers.

  Notes from a Substitute Teacher
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Notes from a Substitute Teacher
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Simplify Rational Number Expressions Using the Distributive Property

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations
Lesson 18 of 20

Objective: SWBAT simplify algebraic expressions containing fractions using the distributive property

Big Idea: This is a fluency lesson using the distributive property with fractional coefficients and constants.

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Math, rational expressions, distributive property, simplifying expressions
  35 minutes
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