Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Shopping and Pondering Pounds and Ounces - Section 2: Concept Development


This problem was SO fun. My students really loved the challenge of trying to calculate the weight of the groceries and what would go into each bag.  One thing that struck me as I observed students in this problem, almost all students started the task by trying to calculate the total first, even though it was not the first question asked.  At the end of the period I led a brief discussion about how to solve this problem by adding items to each bag and finding the total weight of each bag.  Students seemed to realize that finding subtotals would possibly be easier and more efficient for this problem.  

This lesson's strength is the rich math task students are engaged in.  All students in my class, regardless of their abilities, liked this task and truly wanted to persevere.  I had several students not finish and ask to stay in during recess to reach an answer.  You can watch my reflection video below to hear more thoughts about this lesson. 


  Perfect Productive Struggle
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Perfect Productive Struggle
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Shopping and Pondering Pounds and Ounces

Unit 10: Measurment
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT convert between pounds and ounces and add and subtract whole numbers, mixed numbers and fractions.

Big Idea: In this task, students will participate in an activity that helps them convert and add ounces and pounds.

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Math, Measurement, ounces, Fractions, mixed numbers, adding fractions, pound, conversions within customary system, Function Tables
  50 minutes
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