Reflection: Joy Characters and Their Traits Day 1 of 3 - Section 3: Reading Independently To Identify Character Traits


It was very pleasant to step away from the informational text I had been doing with my students. As teachers, we are not just teaching skills we are also teaching attitudes. And, I witnessed my students joyfully reading. I work on teaching my students love for reading. So I was pleased to see their joy as they read about Anansi getting into some sort of trouble or about Franklin discovering his world or about learning about nature through one of Carle's characters. It was delightful.

And, it was satisfying to see how they were meeting the task of identifying character traits. One student in fact tells me how Anansi is being lazy and gives me a reason for it. 

I saw my students tackled their books with confidence. This confidence was not there in the beginning of the year. I noticed they were happy to talk to their neighbors about their task. I heard a lot of talk that was academic--and they were enjoying it.

Every student had a book they could read without my help. It takes time to gather the books. I made sure to choose books that were not too difficult because I wanted this time to flow easily so my students would have a chance to complete the task of identifying character traits. For a few the books were a tad easy, but the task of identifying traits took precedence. It's a decision I would make again. Here a few examples:

At this point of the year, my students have had plenty of reading experiences with many fairytales and legends to name a few genres and I feel this allowed them to go beyond the words: nice and pretty.

  Joy: Reading Independently
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Characters and Their Traits Day 1 of 3

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Lesson 9 of 27

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand key details about characters.

Big Idea: Actions speaker louder than words, that is for sure!

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