Reflection: Homework Barnyard Banter-More Work with Addition - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


I am not a huge advocate of piles of homework, especially for kindergartners.  Many of the students do not have adequate parental support to complete homework.  I often end up with students crying or upset because they were unable to complete the work.  However, I do like students to show their parents what they have been learning in school in an effort to engage them. 

The students were very excited about this activity and it was something they would be able to take home and do on their own.  I always ask the children whether they have dice or not at home.  If not, I send one home with them (I purchase in bulk at the dollar store.)   I ask them to bring it back, but if they don’t, it is not a crisis by any means.

Many of the students brought the recording sheet back to show me their work and several others were inspired to complete the work after seeing the praise given to the students that completed the work. 

  Barnyard Banter-More Work with Addition
  Homework: Barnyard Banter-More Work with Addition
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Barnyard Banter-More Work with Addition

Unit 8: Introduction to Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to write and solve addition equations.

Big Idea: The barnyard fun continue and students practice adding with the plus and equal sign in this interactive lesson.

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