Reflection: Student Communication Bad News! - Section 2: Predictions: What Are Bad News?


I am taking the time to reflect on how they did with their predictions because I believe being able to predict is an important skill.

My students' predictions were all over the place.

I found it interesting that a few thought the barn would explode. I feel they were interjecting their experiences of today: playing too many video games!

Two students stated how they thought Templeton would do something bad. This type of prediction was plausible given where the last chapter ended, even though it was not an accurate prediction. Given what they knew about the plot, it made some sense.

Another student thought Wilbur would like Charlotte more and more. This makes sense too, except the title of the chapter suggests something is amiss. So the student did not keep that in mind.

And, one student in this group did think Wilbur will be eaten, but she doesn't say why.

So what this tells me is that my students need more practice with making predictions given what they know about the characters and the plot. But here, is the good news: they grounded their predictions with evidence.

Additionally, since I do send the book for them to reread the chapter we read during class, it tells me they are not reading ahead, which is interesting too.

  Student Communication: How Did They Do With the Predictions
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Bad News!

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Lesson 8 of 27

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand key details about how characters respond to a challenging event.

Big Idea: Wilbur has a new friend, is in good health, and even has gain much weigh. Life is good ... until he learns about the conspiracy to be turned into smoked bacon and ham for Christmas. He goes over the edge.

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