Reflection: Rigor Summer Days Part 1 - Section 4: Independent Practice of Locating Main Idea and Supporting Details


We know that language is an abstract concept, and the limited literacy experience some of my English Language Learners have can make reading even more problematic. So keeping in mind the needs of my students, I realized I needed to teach them a process by which to help them identify the main idea of paragraph filled with rich language.

That is why I led them step-by-step in the process of identifying the main idea in the first paragraph. In doing this lesson again, I would definitely create a chart of this process.

In looking at their individual work of identifying the main idea, I think my students did very well. I feel they did well because of the time I spent on modeling the process. In working independently, I made they came to me to check in about finding the main idea. I praised all of them for their efforts and those who needed extra support, I asked the questions again.

I feel it is important to note that my students understood the process without the powerpoint presentation because that came later. I feel my students' knowledge expanded because of the visuals in the powerpoint. And this is one way I integrate technology and support my English Language Learners with vocabulary. Here is the Summer Days powerpoint again.

By having the students write the first paragraph in the template I was looking to reinforce their reading. It wasn't just busy work. And, yet in retrospect, I would not have them transcribe the first paragraph onto the template. I would have just moved on to the independent practice.

Here are some of their work samples:





  Rigor: Independent Practice of Main Idea
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Summer Days Part 1

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Lesson 6 of 27

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand the main idea in paragraphs and the chapter.

Big Idea: Summer comes to the farm and the air is filled with its scent as lilacs bloom, birds sing their joyous melodies, and the children play. Summertime is for all to enjoy.

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