Reflection: Positive Reinforcement A Wise Man Also Said: Wrapping Up Aphorisms and Persuasive Pre-Writing - Section 2: Planning for Writing: Argumentative Pre-Write Brainstorm


Today, the sub noted that many of the students took the time to make revisions to their aphorisms, using the increased clarification I provided.  

It did appear that students spent a good portion of the work period addressing their pre-writes, and turned these in. The vast majority of students have very broad ideas for their topic (such as "school lunches" and "no homework", so the comments  I provided them were to narrow the ideas down, perhaps to "healthier choices in school lunches" or "more affordable lunch options". Students will receive these back, with my feedback, when we review the process for writing this paper in our next class. We will also taking time for one-on-one conferences as needed, for students to select and narrow down their topics.

  Pre-Write Ideas: A Reflection on Feedback
  Positive Reinforcement: Pre-Write Ideas: A Reflection on Feedback
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A Wise Man Also Said: Wrapping Up Aphorisms and Persuasive Pre-Writing

Unit 3: Literacy: Rhetorical Devices and Revolutionary Thinking of the Enligtenment
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify topic, purpose, and audience as they complete a pre-writing brainstorm for an argumentative research paper.

Big Idea: Despite what the internet and cable news may have you believe, shouting louder is not the best way to convince others you're right. A personal connection to your argument and valid support--that can convince others.

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