Reflection: Rigor Who Is Charlotte? - Section 6: Writing About Spiders


What does their writing show?

Overall, their writing includes specific details about what makes a spider, what spiders eat and how they wrap them up, and where spiders are found and not found. So I am was very happy to see this. I also happy to see how powerful the videos are in helping my students build content knowledge. In working with English Language Learners, visual cues are very important in helping them with abstract concepts. The fact that they get to read and answer questions about what they are watching also aids their comprehension. In developing the templates, I keep it in mind. And, I know it's a worth while investment given the quality of writing that is emerging in them.

It is interesting that some students give an opinion about how they feel about spiders. One says they are disgusted by how spiders drink the blood of insects, and another stated that spiders are cool. I am glad my students are giving their opinion and their reason for their opinion.

I feel their writing is improving in showing depth. Here are some more of their writing entries:




Charlotte's Web gives me a wonderful opportunity to build content around many topics and I feel that is why their writing has grown.

Building content knowledge simultaneously as they read the chapter, helps my students understand how authors use their imagination along with facts to write stories.

  Rigor: Writing About Spiders
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Who Is Charlotte?

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
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Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand key details about spiders using informational and literary text.

Big Idea: Spiders play a very important role in our lives. Just ask Charlotte. If she wasn't so bloodthirsty, our earth would be covered with bugs and then what would be of us? The horror! (thank goodness - it's Charlotte to the rescue!)

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