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Exit tickets, whether they are written on slips of paper, or on a white board, are excellent ways of assessing the success of your day's lesson.

 I try to make sure that what I ask the students to do on an exit ticket is directly linked to that particular day's activity.  In this way, I am able to determine if my lesson was helpful, and what students still need help. It also guides me in my next steps for understanding.  

This type of review is easy, quick, and often fun for the children.  If you try it, make sure to only assess one or two areas.  If it gets longer than that, the children perceive it as a test or an assignment.  

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Rounding to Check Accuracy

Unit 9: Place Value
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: Students will be able to round to the nearest ten or hundred in order to evaluate the reasonableness of their final answer.

Big Idea: In order to approximate a total, or to help check the reasonableness of an answer, students need to be able to round to the nearest 10 or 100. Check out this lesson for a fun game that gives them practice rounding, adding, and subtracting.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, rounding, Addition Strategies, Subtraction Strategies
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rounding to decide reasonableness
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