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I am all about created shared experience for my students, so the Poem in Your Pocket celebration is perfect.  There are many levels to what you can do with it. You can go small within your own classroom or let your students lead the rest of the school. It can become a campaign even.

This is the type of thing most middle and high school students love to get behind, but only if you let them lead.  There are lots of resources online at The Academy of American Poets Poem in Your Pocket Day website.

I think it does our students good to see literary appreciation - especially on a national scale.  There are several posts and ideas on sites like Pinterest for Poem in Your Pocket Day that have me thinking next year we'll use Twitter or some other mode of social media to share poems.  I think pulling technology in for sharing would motivate students.

  Poem in Your Pocket Shared Experience
  Lesson Planning: Poem in Your Pocket Shared Experience
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Sharing Poetry - Poetry Lesson 9

Unit 12: Poetry Unit
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT share and discuss a self selected poem within their group.

Big Idea: Read it, carry it, share it.

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