Reflection: Real World Applications Introducing the Comparison Essay: The Hitchhiker Play vs Movie - Section 2: Watching "The Hitchhiker" (Twilight Zone)


I am a vocabulary preacher -- I truly believe that a child can't know "too many" words.  This is borne out through my own experience, but it is also a belief that has been reinforced by my interactions with my students.

Today, we watched the Twilight Zone, which predates my birth by a good ten or fifteen it's ancient history for my students.  What I noticed when I was watching was how the vocabulary in the episode was not dumbed down at all.  The characters used several words that the students probably had to use context to figure out.

Which leads me to my next point...if the SAT and others decide that many "fifty cent" words just aren't useful enough to be tested, is it possible that..eventually...meanings in many works of film and books, will just be lost?

  Thoughts about Vocabulary
  Real World Applications: Thoughts about Vocabulary
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Introducing the Comparison Essay: The Hitchhiker Play vs Movie

Unit 6: Unlocking Mood and Other Elements of Horror
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Objective: SWBAT identify elements of similarity and difference in two versions of "The Hitchhiker" and will begin planning comparison essays

Big Idea: Two hitchhikers are scarier than one.

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