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When I was a student, research was pretty one dimensional. I looked in the Reader's Guide to Periodic Literature and cross-referenced sources to find what I needed. If a library did not subscribe to the journal I needed, I used interlibrary loan. These methods are antiquated in high school classrooms, so it's tempting just to let students cruise the internet for information. To do so is inadvisable because as the information available expands, so too does the opportunity to be fooled. We need to evolve our teaching of research because kids will go to Google if we don't help them discover other research methods that actually make their tasks more manageable. 

  From Crap to CRAAP
  Lesson Planning: From Crap to CRAAP
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It's on the Internet; It Must be True: Analyzing and Evaluating Internet Sites Using the CRAAP Test

Unit 11: Making Discoveries: Research-Based Writing
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT evaluate Internet sites using the Internet Site Evaluation Rubric and the CRAAP test

Big Idea: The Internet is full of crap, which is why we need the CRAAP assessment.

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