Reflection: Accountability Debrief: A Read-Through and Review of the "Age of Faith Test" - Section 2: Test Debrief


As students looked over their work and reviewed the items today, they could see what they "knew" and what they would need to review for the future, the final, and familiarity with the material. They were prepared for those ideas and skills I would review individually for extension as they needed. 

  Accountability: Reflecting on a Debrief: Student Metacognition
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Debrief: A Read-Through and Review of the "Age of Faith Test"

Unit 2: Literacy: Plain Living Portrayed in Puritan Poetry and Sermons
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Objective: SWBAT cite string and thorough evidence from the texts this unit to justify multiple-choice and short answer responses on previous day's assessment by demonstrating verbally their comprehension of test items and their process of coming to a correct response.

Big Idea: Why did you pick "A"? Today, we debrief on a multiple choice assessment, and discuss how students came to the answers they selected and the correct answers.

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