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Many of my students can remember the tornado outbreak referenced in the article we are reading today. We were dismissed early from school that day and while we were lucky, areas of our state were damaged.  So, this was a great read!

From the beginning of the piece when Dr. Suess celebrations are mentioned, my students began saying, "We were doing that too!"  I remember the announcement that we were being dismissed early and wondering why because the weather wasn't bad yet."

They could connect to the students in the article saying the same thing…the weather wasn't bad when they went to school.

Seeing the photographs brought up discussion that I had anticipated.  There was devastation just 15 miles from our school in a neighboring area.  Many of my students know people who were affected and remember camera crews and news reports for sometime after, and the planting of trees this year to replace what was destroyed.

In my opinion this is their "real world" and it makes the story so powerful.

  Connecting to their "Real World"
  Relevance: Connecting to their "Real World"
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Poetry Analysis (paired text) - Poetry Lesson 7

Unit 12: Poetry Unit
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compare an article and poem written on the same topic.

Big Idea: The power of using two very different genres to reflect on the same topic.

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