Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Products of Polynomial Functions - Section 1: Warm up and Homework Review


In the next few years, the transition to the Common Core will be a main theme in classrooms all over the country.  The Common Core focuses on deep, mastery level instruction rather than a spiraling approach which is common in many places.  Teachers are learning to adjust their teaching and students are developing the new habits of mind to master skills.  As this transition takes place, it is important that we teachers be aware of the fact that students will need extra support .  Many of the lessons in this unit were written with this in mind.  As the students come to me more steeped in the Common Core, many of these lessons will be truncated or eliminated. 

The student work that I received from these warm ups reinforces the fact that these scaffolding lessons are necessary.  As you can see in the Student Work, there are plenty of misconceptions in a skill that should be simple for an Algebra 2 student.  The main algebraic misconception centers on multiplying one binomial by another.  My goal with these scaffolding lessons is to focus on building the math practices so that they are still reinforcing the Common Core.  

  Diverse Entry Points: Scaffolding to the Common Core
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Products of Polynomial Functions

Unit 3: Polynomials
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to multiply polynomial functions graphically and algebraically.

Big Idea: Students get the opportunity to explore and make conclusions about operations with functions using graphing technology.

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Math, multiplying polynomials, Algebra, master teacher project, Algebra
  50 minutes
image products of polynomial functions
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