Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Spooky Pre-Reading Practice - Section 3: Possible Predictions:


I will walk around and help them with referencing and finding evidence. I mainly prompt them and help them find their way with their thinking. During this time I realized that many students felt that their was a "right" answer. Some have a really hard time with taking the risk of predicting. They want that right answer, but have to be reassured that they can be wrong. All they need is some evidence to show how they created their prediction.

  Sparking Spooky Thought
  Positive Reinforcement: Sparking Spooky Thought
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Spooky Pre-Reading Practice

Unit 5: Spooky Fall Fiction: Graveyard Book
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Objective: SWBAT write down their connections to specific words to help them make connections to a book.

Big Idea: Before reading strategies are so important and this lesson lets the teacher get creative with how they will present their new read aloud. The connecting students will do gets them excited for you to read aloud to find out what the book is about.

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