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Since I have been fortunate enough to have a 1:1 classroom, I strive to be as paperless in my classroom as possible, but I do give my students paper copies of a few poems.  If I were to only be able to give them one it would be "The Highwayman". I refer to this piece as a touchstone poem with my students, and after we read it, I refer back to it as an example often.  

It is easy to see why.  This poem has so many examples of both sound devices and figurative language. It is a virtual treasure trove!  Additional the students never get tired of it. I has action and daring for the boys and a love story for the girls. If you haven't used this one, please give it a try.  It's very dramatic to read!

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  Student Ownership: Touchstone Text
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Figurative Language -Poetry Lesson 4

Unit 12: Poetry Unit
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify figurative language in poetry.

Big Idea: Figurative language colors the words of a poem so we might see what the poet sees.

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