Reflection: Rigor The Layers of Soil - Section 3: Informational Text on Soil


What can the students do on their own versus what they can do with us? On their own my students would have been challenged and frustrated possibly to the point of giving up on reading and understanding this informational text. There is too much information to discern. 

So in this case my students did need to be led by the hand in order to navigate the sheet and be successful with this task. That is the reason I created the template with the text dependent questions.

This section took longer than the allotted time, 10 minutes more in fact, and to continue with the lesson, I gave them stretching movements in their seats.

But even though it took longer, I feel it was worth the extra time. Something to keep in mind is possibly breaking this section into two lessons.

I feel my students did a good job highlighting words that repeated. I asked one student to explain, WhyDidYouHighlightHorizons? I am happy to see my students evolving from highlighting common words to content words that tell about the key details of the topic.

Lastly, my students did a good job of identifying the headings, and subheadings of the soil diagram.  My students received much practice with academic language.

  Rigor: Analyzing The Informational Sheet
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The Layers of Soil

Unit 3: All About Rocks: Learning Science Through Informational Text
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT to ask and answer questions to understand key details about the layers of soil using informational text.

Big Idea: The layers of our Earth are deep. Students continue to read closely informational text to deepen their knowledge of the planet they inhabit.

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