Reflection: Magic of Adding Tens - Section 1: Getting Started


I love it when something I am trying to teach suddenly clicks with a child. One of the children looked at the 2 related number sentences on the board and said, "look, they both have the same numbers so I can put my partners of ten backwards and subtract from 10. That is wicked easy."

I had wanted the children to understand that if they can add partners of ten, they can also subtract. When a child discovers it on his/her own, they will remember it so much more than if I were to just tell them.

As teachers we want to lead the children to where we hope they will go, and then step back and let them more forward on their own.  

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Magic of Adding Tens

Unit 3: Sensible Numbers
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT add groups of tens within 100 and bundle ten's partners together to make tens.

Big Idea: Students should have mastered adding numbers within 10 in first grade. The Common Core stresses adding bundles of tens in second grade.

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