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Sometimes I worry that what I am doing is too simple for second grade. It seems that the partners of ten (adding simple numbers such as 9+1 and 7+3 should be automatic by second grade, but for some students this is still a mystery.) We can't expect students to add fluently within 100 to meet the Common Core Standards when they still don't know some of the most basic facts. Individualize to meet the needs of your quick learners and those who may be struggling even with basic understandings. 

Today as students were working, I had the Ten's Partner Rhyme on the Smart Board. When my computer timed out, the screen went dark. A child came up to me and asked me to fix the screen because she was having trouble remembering the partners. It did not occur to her that she could count the numbers or use a different tool. She still needs lots of practice with the concept of adding numbers, and what that really means. 

Don't be in a hurry to push students who are not ready. Help them to build that foundation now, so they are not playing catch up for years to come. 

  Partners of Ten
  Partners of Ten
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We Can Guess the Number

Unit 3: Sensible Numbers
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use bundles of 10 and 100 to answer questions about the value of individual digits in 2 and 3 digit numbers.

Big Idea: Understanding place value is critical to the Common Core Standards for second grade. Without a concrete understanding, students may not fully grasp the meaning of the digits.

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