Reflection: High Quality Task Step 2: Game Day: A Student Designed Class Game for Word Problem Solving - Section 1: Understanding the Task and Making Teams


When I grouped my students in the prior lesson, I knew this group could handle the rigorous task of putting together a game and do a good job of figuring out how to do it. I placed the responsiblity in their laps and told them they needed to take the lead. They far exceeded my expectations. This was all very time consuming, and I think the four people were just enough to work on this project. I never expected that they would take over the introduction, run the game and the class and that the class would respond with such respect and enthusiasm. My expectations were high and assigning this task to these particular students was an absolutely correct thing to do.

  Students taking over!
  High Quality Task: Students taking over!
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Step 2: Game Day: A Student Designed Class Game for Word Problem Solving

Unit 12: Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT solve mult-step and single step word problems using the four operations.

Big Idea: Students play games created in a previous lesson as a formative assessment.

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Math, Differentiation, Number Sense and Operations, Word Problem, student designed game, student leadership
  50 minutes
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