Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Discovering Volume (Part 2) - Section 3: Guided Practice


Since this was the second day of working with volume, I made a conscious effort of providing the students with a chance to ask questions.  Attached are two examples of the questions the students asked, and their summaries of what they learned.  

The first student asked what would happen if you doubled the size of each of the dimensions of a prism.  She predicted that it would make the volume double the size.  In this video, you will see that she learned that her prediction was incorrect, however, she learned quite a bit through her questioning.


 The second student asked about finding the volume of 3D shapes that are not rectangular prisms.  This question is important because she is thinking beyond the controlled context of the text book and standards that we often present our students with.  Although we did not get into a lesson about how to find the volume of these cones, we did take a look at some of the formulas used.  


  Student Led Inquiry: Students ask great questions
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Discovering Volume (Part 2)

Unit 5: Shapes & Their Attributes (Geometry)
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT find the volume of various rectangular prisms using the volume formula and cubes.

Big Idea: Students build a conceptual understanding of volume by using cubes to support their thinking.

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Math, volume (3-D Geom), Geometry, prism, Critical Area, shapes
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