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As I go through this introduction, I am aware that it may be difficult for some students to understand.  The skill of creating supporting ideas doesn't seem like a concrete one in the minds of children until they have done it and seen it a few times.  Depending on how students are responding to me during the example (we do) time, I might choose to add some more scenarios, or I might switch to writing down my examples.  Sometimes, writing can help students SEE how the information is fitting together in their writing better than they can hear it.  Whether I end up writing at this time or not, I like to make sure that I really pay attention to my students' faces, responses and conversations with each other.  If my students don't seem to have at least somewhat of a grasp of this skill, I do not want to send them to complete their independent practice yet.

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  Gradual Release: Monitor Student Reponses
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Supporting Ideas

Unit 6: Modeling HOW to Write About Informational Text
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Objective: SWBAT form supporting ideas connecting to their topic sentence.

Big Idea: You've given your introduction- now tell me why it is needed!

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