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The biggest struggle I have seen in my classroom with graphing is the ability to make reasonable choices. Students often begin setting up the graph before they stop to think about what numbers they are working with and what categories they have. I have seen these specific struggles with pictographs and with bar graphs. Deciding on a reasonable key, given the numbers they have, isn’t always easy for them. They have also struggled with what intervals to make for the bar graph, given what they have. I wanted to give them a chance as a group to discuss these things and make decisions so that they could arrive at a reasonable conclusion together, instead of me just telling them what to do. 

  Making Choices
  Student Ownership: Making Choices
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Snack Attack

Unit 15: Surveys and Graphing
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT create different graphs to represent the same data set.

Big Idea: Graphing can be made fun and hands-on with different real world "tools" - like snacks!

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