Reflection: High Expectations Brainstorming - Section 3: Brainstorming as a Group


I have really high expectations for my students' writing.  Since I want them to include as much information as possible, and categorize it in the correct way, I need to show them just how to do that.  I think it is extremely important that, each time, I model for my students what my expectations are.  This way, there is no wondering on their part; students know what types of writing I want to see and they can rise to the occasion.
As the year goes by, I continue to model, I just scaffold down the amount of modeling.  For example; at the beginning of the year, students can even copy my chart... in the middle of the year, students may look at my chart and make their own, adding things throughout... by the end of the year, I show students my chart but I take it down before they begin to write their own.  There are many options here to fit all kinds of students!

  Why do we need to do this whole group if they have to do it individually also?
  High Expectations: Why do we need to do this whole group if they have to do it individually also?
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Unit 7: Writer's Workshop
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Objective: SWBAT take information they have learned, brainstorm about it and organize their thoughts in a useful way.

Big Idea: Take it ALL... and use what you need to get YOUR point across!

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