Reflection: Rigor The Rock Cycle: Where do Metamorphic Rocks Fit? - Section 5: Independent Writing


What does their writing show? 

I was very pleased with how most of the students integrated the vocabulary in their writing. I teach English Language Learners and I was happy to see how the visuals aided their writing. I expect my students to spell correctly the vocabulary words that can be found in the text they are using. And most of my students did do this. I am glad that they are being lazy.

I like how concise one piece was about how they learned about three types of rock and named them. This person also mentioned how they drew a diagram of the rock cycle. Cool. This person shows understanding of the objective and provided GoodDetailsAboutMetamorphicRocks.

Another student uses the time order words very well using commas after the words. I was pleased to read about the different examples of metamorphic rocks in WhatHeLearnedAboutTheRockCycle.

This writing piece, SomeGoodDetailsAboutMetamorphicRocks shows sentences instead of a paragraph. Yet, the student still captures the vocabulary of the topic and some key details such as how rocks keep changing. He will need to be reminded to write a paragraph. It is always important to celebrate where students are.

Overall, I feel their WritingAboutTheRockCycle was very rich and I feel part of it was due to the different resources I used. It helps that students typically enjoy learning about rocks.


  Rigor: Independent Writing
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The Rock Cycle: Where do Metamorphic Rocks Fit?

Unit 3: All About Rocks: Learning Science Through Informational Text
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand key details about metamorphic rocks and their place in the rock cycle.

Big Idea: Rocks have a cycle too!

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