Reflection: Checks for Understanding A Structured Peer Editing Session - Section 4: Second Round of Work In Pairs


When students were working to evaluate peer’s papers, it was very important for me to scan the room and take a look at the comments they were making. It let me know what they were already handling on their own and what they needed help with. For instance, most were able to identify a claim that provided a full response and stated a big idea versus one that didn’t and were making the appropriate comments. However, commenting on the specific language of the claims and explanation were largely being ignored. I had to interrupt their work and instruct them to make sure they comment on this. Still, many were not able to do it successfully. Some did not comment on language at all despite the repeated requests. Still, many were looking at their peer’s papers with “teacher eyes” like I asked them to and did a decent job of commenting on their peer’s papers. These are two student samples of feedback provided.

  Checks for Understanding: Scanning Students' Feedback
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A Structured Peer Editing Session

Unit 5: Modernist Literature
Lesson 16 of 17

Objective: SWBAT work on improving the quality of their working arguments by evaluating each other’s work following a structured process.

Big Idea: Providing some structure to increase the likelihood of quality feedback so that it may translate into quality editing and quality final arguments.

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