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I tend to make a vocabulary notebook like this for every unit I teach. The familiar format helps students stay focused on the task rather than trying to interpret a new document each time. When finished with a unit, students keep these in the vocabulary section of their binders and use as reference throughout the year. The video included in this section shows students sharing information they collected on a couple of terms during one of their partner practice periods. Students use it as a place to keep all of their collected notes during a unit so that everything is together and easy to find.


  A Familiar Friend
  Unit Planning: A Familiar Friend
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The Vocabulary Notebook

Unit 11: Mastering Fiction Elements through Photos, Videos, and Text
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Objective: TWBAT use a vocabulary notebook to teach important fiction terms.

Big Idea: There are multiple ways to teach vocabulary. The vocabulary notebook includes important fiction terms and can be incorporated before, during, or after teaching lessons in the unit.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Vocabulary, fairy tales, fables, Folktales, tall tales, traditional literature, Genre, vocabulary teaching strategy
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