Reflection: Checks for Understanding Building Backgrond Knowledge: Asia & The Middle East Jigsaw - Section 2: Jigsaw!


The jigsaw strategy is nice because it holds kids accountable for learning new material. They know they'll need to take information from group meetings and pass it on to other groups. This is an added incentive for everyone to remain on the same page.

  Jigsaw: Effective Strategy
  Checks for Understanding: Jigsaw: Effective Strategy
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Building Backgrond Knowledge: Asia & The Middle East Jigsaw

Unit 6: Multicultural Literature Circles
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Objective: SWBAT research a region in the Middle East or Asia, and then jigsaw their responses in a different group.

Big Idea: How do we get the most out of literature? Before we read novels, lets build background knowledge about their setting.

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