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I really work to make learning engaging in my classroom. One powerful way is to allow students to make choices. Although I could have given students a data set and had them complete the graph, I chose to only make the categories and allow students to suggest the options we will vote on.

They got really into voting and were excited about seeing how many votes their favorite category received. These categories may seem somewhat inconsequential, but in a young person's life having and sharing "favorites" is affirming to them as people. A little thing,  such as bringing in simple personal choices, can create a lot more engagement in your classroom while still getting you to the learning objective.

  Making learning hands-on
  Joy: Making learning hands-on
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Class Surveys and Graphs

Unit 15: Surveys and Graphing
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT select a type of graph and create it using a class survey frequency table.

Big Idea: Students love graphing data that they "own".

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