Reflection: Working with Multiple Texts - Section 1: Do Now: Learning Reflection and Work Habits


With as many reflections as we do, the goal is to see growth in work habits, not just in academic skill. Ideally, if a student reflected that she was struggling to complete assignments, my encouragement and, as needed, help should result in improvement. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It would be easy to feel frustrated as a teacher when I have to write the same comment time after time--"Come in after school or during lunch for help" or "How can you help yourself remember to complete homework," for example--but I have to remind myself that at some point, the choice belongs to the student. I cannot force learning upon them. At the very least, then, these forms become an important tool for communication with parents; together, we can discuss how a child is not making progress, knows it (via the reflections), and still struggles. Then, perhaps, a solution can be found.

  No Change? Communicate
  No Change? Communicate
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Working with Multiple Texts

Unit 6: Purpose Across Multiple Texts
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Objective: SWBAT compare, contrast, and evaluate multiple texts by analyzing General Custer's "My Life on the Plains" and Chief Joseph's "Speech to Washington."

Big Idea: Savages versus people. War versus peace. Comparing, contrasting, and evaluating texts with differing perspectives.

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English / Language Arts, compare-and-contrast, equality (American Govt), evaluate, analyze details, comparison, historical background, equality
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