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Time permitting, or maybe as a review of PAWS on another day, it can be helpful and fun to have students act out each letter of the acronym similar to how you did it. Student modeling can be fun but also students see their peers correctly using each step. Students can learn so much from each other.

For a student that has a hard time ask them to model the same letter right after a student who successfully demonstrated the new strategy. This builds confidence and gives them the motivation to actually try it later.

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PAWS for Pre-Reading/ Bookmark of Notes

Unit 26: Pre, During, & After Reading Strategies: Setting the Reading Stage
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Objective: Students will be begin to apply the acronym PAWS(Prepare, Activate, Wonder, and Set Speed) to help them before reading nonfiction stories.

Big Idea: Many students don't realize that there are steps that occur before we ever even open the book. These pre-reading strategies can be very helpful when reading non-fiction. This lesson is the introduction to how and why we pre-read as good readers.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), prior knowledge, reading foundations, before reading
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