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When I created this warm up, I wanted something I thought would be quick. I didn't realize how interesting and how much thought would be behind each word I had written on the slip of paper. So, it took longer. But how rich! Next time, I think I would use pictures of objects. If I had had a picture of a 15ml water bottle, without showing the label, they may have answered without too much discussion. I think this warm up needs to be adjusted according to whatever time is available. I didn't want to stop this game. It's more fun than I had imagined and I got a clear idea of who was still confused about relative sizes.

  Using pictures.
  Adjustments to Practice: Using pictures.
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Conversion Quiz: This One, Not That One! Writing About Our Choices

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 14 of 18

Objective: SWBAT show understanding of relative units of measurement through writing.

Big Idea: Students show their understanding of relative size through a writing assessment .

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