Reflection: Checks for Understanding Adding Rhythm and Rhyme to Poems - Section 3: Independent writing


I revisited writing 7 syllable quatrains today.  Students were taught this lesson when I had a substitute teacher.  When I read their quatrains, I noticed that many kids did not understand how to use the planning sheet that supported them in writing 7 syllable quatrains.  Instead they were writing lines of poetry that had 7 words per line.  This affected the rhythm of the poems.  Also, I noticed that some students were not clear on how to break words into syllables.

So today I retaught the lesson.  I saw a lot of kids patting their arms to count syllables.  For instance, they would use one hand to pat wrist as they said the first syllable, pat their forearm for the second syllable and then pat their upper arm as they said the last syllable.  

Syllabication is tricky for some students because they were confusing phonemes with syllables.  After working with syllables again today, all students were successful.

  Checks for Understanding: Revisited Quatrains
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Adding Rhythm and Rhyme to Poems

Unit 11: Spark the Poet Inside: Writing Poems
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a quatrain with an AABB rhyming pattern.

Big Idea: Syllables versus Words.

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