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It is very important to set up your classroom at the beginning of the year with tools that are going to be used numerous times throughout the school year. A class number line, calendar, and a 120 chart are just a few of the things I have up all year long. I do not hang up a lot of pre-made posters though. I do not want to take away wall space that could be used for something more valuable, like an anchor chart, by hanging a mass produced poster up in my room that may or may not get noticed. I like to create anchor charts with my students and have them give me input on what belongs depending on the topic we are studying. These charts stay up for however long we need them during a unit and then come down. Sometimes I'll pull them out to review concepts later in the year or when I re-introduce a center as well.

  Classroom Setup: Tools, Posters, and Charts
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Building mental math ability

Unit 10: Place Value
Lesson 14 of 16

Objective: SWBAT add ten to a two-digit number mentally.

Big Idea: It is a difficult task for first graders to begin using mental math. This lesson is part of a series of lessons to give them practice at adding ten to any given two-digit number.

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Math, Place Value, First Grade, plus ten, tens, Tens and Ones
  30 minutes
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