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After the warmup, I thought the majority of students were ready to add and subtract the positive and negative fractions with unlike denominators.  Students had no problem finding the least common multiple (at least after I reminded them to find multiples NOT factors)! Perhaps the majority of students were ready but that majority is only slightly greater than 50%.  I shouldn't be surprised.  I made a point this year to sweat operations with integers over operations with signed fractions.  

This was immediately apparent as I went through the example problem.  Many students got lost in the details of adding or subtracting fractions - namely, finding the common denominator.  So much for the warmup.  I think it's time to reincorporate this skill in a do now or mad minute!

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Simplify Expressions Containing Fractions by Combining Like Terms

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations
Lesson 17 of 20

Objective: SWBAT simplify rational number expressions by combining like terms

Big Idea: We've simplified expressions with integers. Now it is time to focus on fractions - positive and negative.

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