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Students really struggled with this type of figurative language. Part of it was my fault. While these short lessons serve a purpose, sometimes the speed by which we move from one topic to another is entirely too fast! Some topics, such as similes and rhyme, can easily be covered in a day or so as most third grade students have some working knowledge of both topics. However, with a concept like hyperboles, we really needed more than just a quick overview for students truly to understand. That wasn’t possible, unfortunately, with this unit, but a great thing to keep in mind if trying this out in your own classroom!

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Poetry: Hyperbole

Unit 16: Poetry and Figurative Language
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT recognize the term of the day in a short poetry passage and practice using it in a writing activity.

Big Idea: After learning the definition of hyperbole, students practice reading examples in a short poem, and use it in their writing.

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